Located in bayside Brisbane, AesthetiQ cosmetic clinic offers a range of treatments to help skin conditions and promote rejuvenation. With our qualified and experienced clinicians using state-of-the-art equipment, we are well equipped to offer a range of cosmetic treatments to help you look your best.

Our Treatments

> Anti-wrinkle injections
> Facial fillers & Serum injections
> IPL Therapies
> Skin peeling
> LED therapies
> PDO threads
> Photo therapies

Before & After Gallery

  • Before-Skin Rejuvenation
    After-Skin Rejuvenation
    Before Skin Rejuvenation After
  • Before-Acne Treatment
    After-Acne Treatment
    Before Acne Treatment After
  • Before-Pigmentation Removal
    After-Pigmentation Removal
    Before Pigmentation Removal After
  • Before-Redness clearance
    After-Redness clearance
    Before Redness clearance After
  • Before-Skin Tightening
    After-Skin Tightening
    Before Skin Tightening After
  • Before-Lip Filler
    After-Lip Filler
    Before Lip Filler After
  • Before-Anti-wrinkle Injections
    After-Anti-wrinkle Injections
    Before Anti-wrinkle Injections After

Our Pricing

IPL treatments

From $199 per session

LED therapy

From $95 per session

Anti-wrinkle treatments

From $250 per session

PDO Threads

From $10 per thread

Qualified & Experienced Therapists

We'll make sure that you receive the most effective and affordable treatment for your specific condition.

To give you confidence your first visit is FREE and we will provide you with a complimentary treatment plan.

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